Any item below  grayed out, contains sensitive information and will not be available for reading here.

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Correspondence received in 2020


Correspondence received in 2019


29. HQ REA.

HQ circular No 164 [Read]

28. Gibraltar REA

Preliminary Calling notice for Gib weekend 2020 [Read]

27. Mrs Hunter

Passing of Barry Hunter [Read]

26.Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation trust

Help with a  Veteran [Read]

25.Teignbridge DC

Raising of Red Ensign [Read]

24. HQ REA

Army v Navy Rugby tickets 2 May 2020 [Read]

23. SW Group REA

Revised Branch affiliation [Read]


HQ Circular 163 [Read]

21. HQ REA

New member Mr BS Parrott [Read]

20. Taunton REA

Taunton Branch Summer Lunch [Read]

19. S W Group REA

S W Group AGM 7 Sept 2019 [Read]

18. Newton Town Council

VE celibrations 2020 [Read]

17. National Lottery Fund

Announcing grants [Read]

16. Newton Abbot RNA

Invitation to curry night 26th July [Read]

15. Teignbridge D C

Raising Armed Forced Flag 24th June 2019 [Read] 

14. Lt Gen Sir Mark Mans

Ref National Memorial Arbouretum RE Garden [Read]

13. 170 Engineer Group

Chilwell REA Weekend calling notice [Read]

12. HQ REA

Minutes of 32nd meeting of the Recuting committee held on 13th March 2019 [Read]

11. HQ REA

Calling notice Minley Weekend 2019 [Read]

10. SW Group REA

Calling notice AGM 7th September [Read]

09. Lottery Community Fund

Notification of award [Read]

08. HQ REA

RE Memorial rededication at NMA [Read]

07. HQ REA

HQ Circular 162 [Read]

06. SW Group REA

Commemoration gift [Read]

05 SW Group REA

AGM Calling notice [Read]

04. N Abbot RNA

Annual dinner invitation [Read]

03. Gibraltar REA

Admin instructions Gib Weekend 2019 [Read]

02. REA SW Group

Minutes of 130th meeting of the Management Committe REA [Read]

01. Newton Abbot RNA

RNA Events & Invitations [Read]




Correspondence Received in 2018


46. HQ REA

Minutes of 31st Meeting of Recruting Committee [Read]

45. HQ REA

Notification of new member Mr A McDonald [Read]

44. Gibraltar REA

Preliminary calling notis gib REA Weekend 2019 17 - 20 May [Read]

43. HQ REA

REA Welfare fund guidence [Read]

42. HQ REA

minutes of 73rd REA Council meeting [Read]

41. HQ REA

REA annual dinner [Read]

40. HQ REA

Application forms Army v Navy Rugby [Read]

39. Newton Abbot RNA

Invite for RNA Christmas Dinner [Read]

38. HQ REA

Protocol at Military Funerals [Read]

37. HQ REA

Information Request [Read]

36. HQ REA

129th Management comittee meeting 26th July [Read]

35. HQ REA

AGM, Annual Dinner & Sapper Sunday [Read]

34. HQ REA

New Branch Member Mr K Sexton [Read]

33. Plymouth REA

Invite to Summer Ball 18th August [Read]

32. HQ REA

HQ Circular No 160 [Read]

31. Bridgwater REA

Invite to summer lunch 19 August [Read]

30. Steve Harvey

proposal to hold a BBQ 19th August [Read]

29. Teignbridge DC

fly the Red Ensign for Merchant Navy Day 3 Sept [Read]

28. Newton Abbot RNA

Curry Night Fri 27th July 2018 [Read]

27. Mr D Sills

reference mailing of branch Newsletter [Read]

26. HQ Chatham station

Calling notice Chatham Corps Memorial Veterans Weekend [Read]

25. HQ REA

Update on GDPR Policy [Read]

24. 107 Engr Group

Calling notice for Chilwell weekend [Read]

23. Taunton REA

invitation to Summer Lunch [Read]

22. SW Group REA

Calling notice annual group BBQ [Read]

21. Newton Abbot RNA

Donation towards defibrulator [Read]

20. Newton Abbot RBL Club

Donation towards defibrulator. [Read]

019. SW Group REA

Draft minutes of AGM held on 21 April 2018. [Read

018. Newton Abbot RNA

Annual Dinner Fri 25th May 2018. [Read]

017. Newton Abbot RNA

Annual Dinner Fri 25th May 2018 [Read]

016. HQ REA

Minutes 128th Meeting ofthe Management Committee REA [Read]

015. HQ REA

HQ Circular No. 159 [Read]

014. SW Group REA

Calling notice SW Group AGM Sat 21 April 2018 [Read]

013. Veterans Bereavemnt Service

Info on their sevices [Read]

012. N/Abbot RBL

Newton Abbot Decoration Day [Read]

011. HQ REA 

Calling Notice REA Weekend Chilwell [Read]

010. Gib REA 

Gibraltar REA Weekend 2018 [Read]

009. HQ REA 

Notification of new member Mr Tim Moran [Read]

008. HQ REA

New REA Website [Read]

007. HQ REA

 New REA Controller and Assistant Controller [Read]

006. HQ REA

Notification of obituary entry in Sapper Mag for Mel Cooper [Read]

005. HQ REA

Notification of new member Mr K Bradley [Read]

004. HQ REA

Notification of new member Mr C Horton [Read]

003. D Sills

Seasons greetings [Read]

002. Newton Abbot RNA

Invite to  Cheese and Wine evening [Read]

001. HQ REA

Neil Jordan Retiremnent [Read]



Correspondence Received in 2017

052. HQ REA

HQ Circular No 158 & end of year return forms [Read]

053. HQ REA

REA 3rd party Policy Schedule and PL Notes [Read]

054. HQ REA

Job Vacancy Assistant Controller post [Read]

055. HQ REA

Branch Annual Financial Summaries breifing [Read]

056. HQ REA

New member SR Holborow [Read]

051. HQ REA

RE Support to Wounded Injured & Sick [Read]

050. HQ REA

Sapper Network Ltd Flyer [Read]

049. HQ REA

RE Policy to Support Bereaved Families [Read]

048. HQ REA

REA Council meeting held Sept 2017 [Read]

047. Taunton REA

Charity Black tie dinner April 2018 [Read]

046. HQ REA

Army Navy Rugby ticket offer [Read]

045. HQ REA

AGM Delegates reminder  [Read]

044. Newton Abbot  Town Council

Invitation to the Annual Newton Abbot Civic Service 29th Oct 2017 [Read]

043. HQ REA

REA Management Cttee Minutes with annexes [Read]

042. newton Abbot RN Association

Big Xmas draw and Xmas Dinner [Read]

041. HQ REA

New member John (Snowy) Sowden [Read]

040. HQ REA

REA Branch Membership and Army v Navy Rugby match tickets [Read]

039. HQ REA

Army V Navy Rugby 2018 - Tickets for RE Vets [Read]

038. Val Cole

Re Roy Cole's health [Read]

037. HQ REA

New Member Ryan Hammond [Read]

036. HQ REA

New Member Joseph Dooley [Read]

035. Bob Little

Reg Little's grave stone [Read]

034. HQ REA

HQ Circular 157 [Read]

033. HQ REA

REA Facebook - attracting an audience [Read]

032. Newton Abbot RN Association

Newton Abbot RNA Curry Evening [Read]

031. HQ REA

Sappers Network Limited (SNL) [Read]

030. Plymouth REA

REA Plymouth Summer Ball [Read]

029. 1 RSME

Calling Notice Corps Memorial Weekend RSME [Read]

028. HQ REA

New member Ignac Gagola [Read]

027. HQ REA

REA Assistant Controller [Read]

026. Squires undertakers:

The late Mr Sanders [Read]

025. SWGroup REA:

SW Group REA Standard Bearers Rally, Competition and Rally [Read]

024. HQ REA:

Gibraltar weekend 2018 [Read]
023. SWGroup REA:

BBQ & Sandard Bearer Comp' [Read]

022. HQ REA:

REA Spider Dome Tent  [Read]

021. HQ REA:

REA Chilwell Weekend  [Read]

20. HQ REA

Whereabouts REA Spider Dome Tent [Read]

019. SW Group REA

Sapper representation in Blenheim Palace Art Foundation [Read]

018. HQ REA:

A message from the Chief Royal Engineer [Read]

017. SWGroup REA:

Minutes of the 2017 AGM [Read]

016. SWGroup REA:

Info on Standard Bearers Competition [Read]

015. Mr Jim Mayo:

Enclosing a Cheque for £20.00 as donation to branch funds [Not avail to read here]

014. REA HQ:

REA Circular 156 [Read]

013. REA HQ:

Gibraltar weekend 2017 [Read]

012. Martin Jones:

Member transfer to Plymouth branch [Read]

011. Newton Abbot RBL:

Invitation to attend Newton Abbot Decoration Day. [Read]

010. SWG REA:  

SWG REA AGM Agenda [Read]

009. REA HQ:    

Minutes of 126th meeting of the management comittee REA [Read]

008. REA HQ:    

Notification of new branch member. [Read]

007. REA HQ:    

Notification og new branch member. [Read]

006. REA HQ:    

Transfer of branch member to Plymouth Branch [Read]

005. REA HQ:    

Chillwell weekend calling notice. [Read]

004. REA HQ:     

Membership Scoping Study. [Read]

003. REA HQ:    

REA Badge of Merit award. [Read]

002. REA HQ:     

Guests for the Iraq Afghanistan Memorial [Read]

001. Sue Peters:

Best wishes [Read]




Correspondence received in 2016

58. S W Group:     

Date confirming 2017 group AGM [Read] 

57. Mike Crispin:    

Ref funeral of John chant [Read]

56. SW Group REA:

Future AGM Date. [Read]

55. SW Group REA:

Minutes of 2016 SW Group AGM. [Read]

54. HQ REA:          

Information on VVIP visit to Brompton on 13 October. [Read] 

53. Newton Town Council: 

Remembrance Sunday Parade details  [Read]

52. REA HQ:           

Council Meet Minutes Sep comp with annex [Read]

51. Newton Town Council:

Ref Civic Service. [Read]

50. Mrs V Cole:      

ref branch meeting 25 Sept. [Read]

49. REA SW Group: 

SW_Gp_AGM_Minutes  [Read]

48. REA HQ:           

REA AGM and Annual Dinner - A message to all REA Branches. [Read]

47. Paignton RBL:   

Invitation to Paignton Branch Royal British Legion Christmas Luncheon 2016 [Read]

46. SWGroup REA:  

Standard Bearers Attendance For Queens visit to Brompton Bks in October [Read]

45.  REA HQ:          

New member notification  (M Joyce) [Read] 

44.  Mr M Joyce:      

Membership enquiry [Read]

43. TD Council:       

Merchant Navy Day raising the Red Ensign [Read]

42. REA HQ:           

Minutes of 125 meeting REA Management Committee [Read]

41. SW Group REA: 

Intro from new Group secretary  [Read]

40. REA HQ:            

Ref REA HQ Web Site  [Read]

39. REA HQ:            

Transfer of Membership to Plymouth - L Allum  [Read]

38. REA HQ:            

HQ Circular No. 154  [Read]

37. Teignbridge D Council:              

Raising of the Armed Forces Flag  [Read]

36. REA HQ:           

Confirmation of 23 Para Eng Regt Open date location  [Read]

35. REA HQ :          

Chilwell weekend   [Read]

34. N/A RNA:         

Invite to curry evening on 22 July 2016  [Read]

33. SW Group REA: 

June AGM_REA SW Gp  [Read]

32. SW Group REA:

Standard Bearer Competition Winner  [Read]

31. HQ REA:           

Battle of the Somme Path  [Read]

30 Mrs S Little:        

Donation of raffle prizes  [Read]

29. Taunton REA:     

Invitation to Summer Lunch  [Read]

28. HQ REA:            

Confirming obituary entry in Sapper Mag for Bill Freeman  [Read]

27. SW Group REA: 

Sapper 300 Details  [Read]

26. JL REA:             

J/Leaders RE Cairn at Brompton  [Read]

25. HQ REA:           

REA Council Meeting minutes plus annexes  [Read]

24. SW Group REA: 

Confirmation Date for Group BBQ and AGM  [Read]

23. HQ REA:            

MOD Veterans Survey  [Read]

22. RSME:               

Chatham Weekend calling notice & forms  [Read]

21. Weymouth REA:

Weymouth weekend and Tri-Centennial Reception  [Read]

20. HQ REA:           

Chilwell Weekend information  [Read]

19. HQ REA:           

Minley Weekend notice  [Read]

18. SW Group REA:  

Standard Bearers Rally notice  [Read]

​17. T & I Stockman:

Donations to branch funds with ref to the late Reg Little  [Read]

16. HQ REA:            

Notification of new member  [Read]

15. Ernie Stables:     

Attendance of branch meetings [Not avail to read here]

14. Sheila Little:       

Thank You letter  [Read]

13. Neil Freeman:     

Re Passing of Bill Freeman (a founder member of the branch)  [Read]

12. Ernie Stables:     

Re his branch membership  [Read]

11. SW Group REA: 

Upcoming Events  [Read]

10. NA RNA:            

Invitation Newton Abbot RN Asso' Annual Dinner 3rd June 2016  [Read]

9. HQ REA:              

Sapper 300 Musical   [Read]

8. Mr Jim Mayo:    

Enclosing a Cheque as donation to branch funds  [Read]

7. Taunton REA:    

Invite to a evening of Music song and poems in calibration of Sapper 300  [Read]

6. MR Rob Little:  

Thanking our attendance at Reg Little’s funeral  [Read]

5. SW Group REA: 

Calling notice & info on REA SW Group Annual Standard Bearers Competition  [Read]

4. HQ REA:          

HQ Circular No 153  [Read]

3. HQ REA:          

Chilwell Weekend calling notice and attendance forms  [Read]

2. HQ REA:          

Confirming obituary entry in Sapper Mag for Reg Little  [Read]

1. HQ REA:           

Confirming obituary entry in Sapper Mag for Bob Thompson  [Read]